Project Name

Mapping Cover Crops on Corn and Soybeans in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa


Environmental Working Group

Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and possibly Ohio and Minnesota

Due Date

July 31, 2018

About The Project

Cover crops work to filter out agricultural runoff which inundates surface water with nutrients and chemicals during the spring/fall. EWG uses remote sensing and GIS to track the progress and adoption of cover crops. EWG is sending a team of analysts through the agricultural landscape to collect GPS locations of cover crops to validate satellite analysis. We are also hoping to collect images of cover crops, erosion on fields and other various cover types. Previous Report:

About The Content

5 to 10 shots and 2-3 minutes of video footage of various cover crops, erosion, barren fields, and no-till fields. A few shots of the regional landscapes/planting behavior within the three states (some areas have contrasting topography)