Give a Shot


About The Project

There are a lot of incredible photographers and videographers out there wanting to share their time and talent to help a cause. There are a lot of nonprofits out there in need of visual content to tell the stories of their inspiring and critical work. Give a Shot aims to bring these groups together for the good of our planet.

FAQ for photographers

How do I volunteer my time and talent to a nonprofit?

It’s easy. Browse through the available projects (you can search by location but not all projects are location-specific). If there is one that interests you, simply fill out the volunteer form. Your information will be reviewed by the Give a Shot team and, if approved, the nonprofit will contact you directly to discuss the project requirements in further detail. If you and nonprofit think it’s a good match for the project, you’ll complete the project as discussed.

I don’t have time to shoot a new project but have lots of images I’d be willing to share for use by a nonprofit. Is that cool?

Yes! Some nonprofits need rights to general use images or images that don’t require a new shoot. If you have these and are willing to give a nonprofit rights to them, fill out the volunteer form and note this

Are travel expenses to project locations covered?

Nope. Sorry. That’s part of the donation. But maybe a nice excuse to take that trip to that place you’ve always wanted to check out? (We do offer a limited number of small grants for some projects. See below for information on that.)

So, I like doing good and all, but is there anything else in it for me other than the warm fuzzies I get from helping out?

We like to think the warm fuzzies are all you need but here are a few additional perks:

  • Gift card. After the completion of your project, you’ll receive a gift card to Peak Design. Gift cards range from $25-150 depending on the size & scope of the project. After you’ve submitted for images/video, let us know!
  • 1% contribution. Your time & talent donated could count towards becoming a 1% for the Planet member! All shapes and sizes of companies from sole proprietors to small creative firms and beyond are eligible to join.

FAQ for nonprofits

I’m in need of visual content for my organization. How do I submit a project?

Once you fill out the project submission form, your project will be reviewed by the Give a Shot team and you’ll be contacted with any clarifying questions. Your project will then be added to the site for photographers/videographers to review. If an artist decides to volunteer for your project and is approved by the Give a Shot team, you’ll be given the contact information for the artist and can reach out and discuss the project directly with them. If both parties feel it’s a good match, proceed with the project!

What kinds of projects are acceptable?

Projects can vary in type, size, and scope. Examples include:

  • Photography of a fundraising event for use in an annual report
  • Photography of a specific conservation area for use in newsletters and social media
  • A short video documenting project work for use in a grant application
  • General imagery of forests, rivers and mountains for use on a website
  • When submitting a project request, it’s important to be as detailed as possible about your project needs.

I don’t have a specific location or event I need shot but I do need some general images (i.e. images of rivers because my organization protects rivers across the country). Can I still submit a project request?

Yes! If you need image rights for certain types of imagery, you can submit a request and photographers/videographers can choose to shoot new imagery for you or donate image rights of previous work.

Why are only nonprofits that are affiliated with 1% for the Planet and The Conservation Alliance allowed to submit projects?

At least in the initial piloting of this site, we’ll only allow 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners and Conservation Alliance grantees to submit projects. The reason being that these nonprofits have been vetted and proven effective in the work they do. We hope that as the site grows we’ll be able to open it up to more organizations.